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It is said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” International Renewable  Energy Agency (IRENA) released a report back in 2020 showing how renewable  power has now become increasingly cheaper than fossil fuels for electricity  generation. Keeping this into our mind the next generation of power industry is  renewable energy. 
“Drishyaa North Eastern Projects Pvt Ltd” incorporated in the year 2022, at  Guwahati, Assam (India), and having expertise and have been working  experience on renewable energy sector with popular northeastern electrical  brand "DRISHYAA" since 2018 in the entire northern states of India. During this  working tenure it has been facing various unconditional problems and  experiencing all grass root problems, “Drishyaa North Eastern Projects Pvt Ltd”  have come up with complete problem solving solutions which can solve the  entire NER region Govt and non govt institutional ongoing power projects work  and after completion project services and maintenance related problem and the  same time empowering complete Northeast states youth by giving training  and employment of power industry technical jobs. 
Drishyaa North eastern projects Pvt Ltd is India's first and integrated energy  projects related complete solution providing company and is very passionate  about working on better future of northeastern states of India specialized on the  major source of renewable energy like Solar energy, Biomass energy, Wind  energy, hydroelectric energy . 
The Renewable energy program in Northeast India was initiated in the  eighties and gained importance in the nineties. However, it got confined with  only the 'cooking & lighting' model. It failed to resolve the issues of sustainable  development in terms of creating job opportunities, localized community  empowerment, and environmental protection. This is due to various  institutional, financial, and technical factors. 
We all know that NER (Northeastern Region) has states, such as Assam and  Tripura, which are rich in petroleum resources. Arunachal Pradesh has  substantial hydro-power potential. Meghalaya has coal and uranium resources,  while Mizoram has rich biomass. Sikkim and other North Eastern states also have  hydro-potential. Assam, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh have rich solar  potential. So, “Drishyaa North Eastern Projects Private Ltd “aims to serve as a  energy solution providing partner of entire Northeastern states. But the thing is  that when Govt and non govt institutions come to serve Northeastern states of  India, there always arise a gap between the consumers and them. They always 
fail to find a reliable partnership for their projects, Consultancy, design,  development, installation, warranty duration services, and Annual Maintenance  Contract (AMC) ; "Drishyaa North Eastern projects Pvt Ltd" comes here as a  rescue. Drishyaa North eastern Projects private Ltd has a well-qualified team  that can provide all the requirements and services from design and development  to installation and maintenance and has the perfect solution to overcome all the  problems from the root level and extend hands with full hearts to tie up with all  power companies and their projects associates, customers, partners and  employees and touching lives of richest to the poor by providing comprehensive  solutions which are technically superior in nature yet affordable. We bring you  expertise built over extensive experience in developing and deploying projects  all over the world. We have the prowess to manage energy projects of any scale  and the much- needed know -how to work within the confines of regulatory  policies and vast geographical parameters. 

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