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Domestic Electrician: Work Environment: Domestic electricians primarily operate in residential areas, such as houses, bungalows, flats, and apartments. Voltage: They handle 240-volt circuits. Responsibilities: Installations, repairs, and wiring of electrical systems in homes. Testing and diagnosing malfunctions in electrical systems and cables. Installing and testing security systems. Complying with safety regulations. Replacing switches, fuse boxes, charging points, and sockets. Skills: They interpret blueprints, create estimates, and design lighting plans. Commercial Electrician: Work Environment: Commercial electricians work in more varied and complex structures, including shopping centers, government buildings, offices, and industrial facilities. Voltage: They deal with three-phase electricity (400V) required for commercial buildings. Responsibilities: Wiring, repairing, maintaining, and installing electrical equipment (e.g., generators, transformers) in non-residential properties. Working on larger-scale projects. Handling more intricate systems. Adhering to safety regulations specific to commercial settings.

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